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The Magical Pill

I take my medication in the evening, but sometimes if I have an impromptu overnight stay somewhere and I didn’t pack them, I can miss a dose. Sometimes I might also fall asleep early and/or forget, but I am definitely getting much better because I know the major difference and side effects from missing a dose.

Apparently, there’s a new “Smart Pill” that can be taken to remind you to take your medication. There’s an app on the phone that it alerts to and also can contact providers (to make sure you are following through with medication management).
“(It’s) a pill coated in digestible metals — copper and magnesium — which react with stomach acid to send a tiny electrical signal through your body. This charge zaps a Band-Aid-like patch on your skin, which sends a signal via Bluetooth to an iOS app that notes you’ve taken the pill. The skin patch, worn for days at a time, also transmits physiological data like step count and time spent being active versus resting.”
You can read about it Here
or here ->>>> http://www.buzzfeed.com/stephaniemlee/this-smart-pill-tells-your-doctor-if-you-miss-a-dose#.kyO4yODlP
Right now, only some medications work with the “Smart Pill,” such as medication for hypertension. However, they are making progress with introducing more medications like anti-psychotics.
It might actually save a life, but it seems a bit odd in my opinion, a pill that will actually determine if you took your medication!?
What do you think? What are some tricks you use to remind yourself to take your meds?

2 Replies to “The Magical Pill”

  1. RaiC says:

    I’m amazed.. there’s literally an app for everything. I think this is pretty cool.. def puts accountability into play and anthing with bluetooth is perfect to me lol A little reminder here and there wouldnt hurt so Im interested in following where this goes. I’m really a techy, so any reminders for me are phone related. Everything is on the calendar or has some sort of alert. Other than that, I’m taking it old school and hoping that I remember.

  2. DannySchumacher says:

    This is very 21st century technology. It is an awesome way to help people to remember to take their pills. For something simple I have heard of people just setting a daily alarm on their phone to remind them.

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