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BEST Advocacy Video Ever…

This is Coco Peru, perhaps one of the funniest Drag Queens right now. please watch her video and listen to her story about her trouble with the LA Parking Enforcement.

A lesson I am reminded is that to get people to care about issues you are standing up for, be sure to be relateable (or at least entertaining!)
I love how Coco Peru’s passion gets me fired up over this.

That is why I am voting this as one of the BEST videos for advocacy. Do yourself a favor and check it out ~ Michael

5 Replies to “BEST Advocacy Video Ever…”

  1. DannySchumacher says:

    This is very unfair. I feel like you would win an appeal because that tree is clearly blocking the sign you were suppose to be able to see.

  2. Michael says:

    Absolutely, I agree. The town is being shady and collecting money off of innocent people!!!

  3. Kevin A. says:

    Lol! I’ve never seen this drag queen before… I need to watch more of her videos.

    She is funny!!!

  4. Michael says:


    Definitely Youtube her. She is awesome and has a lot of great videos. She always cheers me up, and has a way of making everyday life hilarious.
    I’m pasting her video about tea here for you 🙂


  5. Kevin A. says:

    Well of course, tea the old fashion way… loool

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