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Albums from the Heart

One of my very best friends and I have very similar taste in music, so whenever we hear a new album, song, or artist, we have to share what we’ve heard with one another. Sometimes we hear the same album and burst as we discuss our love for the music.
My “New Years Resolution” for 2015 was to listen to full albums written by the artist and listen to each song in order and no skipping, so I can fully accept and figure what I have learned from the artist’s composition. I know the artist put the songs in the specific order on the album on purpose, so many times it tells a story.

Last night, my friend shared a song from an album I actually have on my iPod, but I have never heard before; it was inspiring and deep.
This morning he sent me a trailer for the album itself and I wanted to share it. Not only is the video magical, but it touches on the human mind and how we think (and what the album is about).

Check it out:
A Fine Frenzy – Pines

Do you have an album you feel is the best composition you have ever heard or connected to? This year I have learned so much by the artists I love (but tend to choose a select few songs from each album). One of the best albums I will always default to is Coldplay’s X & Y. The music hits me deep and sometimes I drive home crying because it gets me to the core. Another album I adore is Hillsong United’s Zion album. It’s a very spiritual and emotional album too, but it lifts me up and makes me feel connected to my higher power.

or here: https://youtu.be/XR-dfql-uwg

2 Replies to “Albums from the Heart”

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Val!

    Typically, anything Enya moves me deeply, or Celtic Woman. I find it helps me with my artwork. I think its great you share music with your friend – it can be very powerful.

  2. AlliAnonymous3 says:

    Good question Val. I have a soft spot for the Lupe Fiasco’s album “Food & Liquor.” As the title implies, this album analyzes the two paths we can take in life – either we can feed our body and mind (Food), or we can give in to vices and negativity (Liquor). Lupe’s work really speaks to me, as I find he does a great job of acknowledging and portraying hardship, while still offering pragmatic optimism and encouragement to those seeking to better their situation. You can tell he is a very socially conscious artist, and he has street credibility as well. For people like me, who love hip-hop but would prefer to see more mindful lyrics, Lupe’s album is perfect.

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