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What is your favorite Snow day memory?

For those of you who grew up in areas where it snowed, what would you consider to be your all-time favorite snow day memory???

For me, I remember that I was about 10 years old, and my best friends were supposed to have me sleepover a couple of nights before a big snow storm hit. Unfortunately, that didn’t end up happening but in order to make up for the change of plans, after the snow storm we all went sledding, and then drove to the local Blockbuster and got a couple of movies to see at their house. It was definitely worth the wait for me a that age.

What about you guys?

7 Replies to “What is your favorite Snow day memory?”

  1. torry22 says:

    I was thinking about this today, Luz!

    My favorite snow day memory (or memories) is when my siblings and I would play outside for hours shoveling, snow ball fights, sledding down our huge driveway over and over again. My dad built us a snow fort and we refused to go back inside because we were having too much fun. Haha!

  2. Michael says:

    One of my favorite winter memories was sledding down our back hill with my 2 siblings. I had a red sled that I could have sworn was lucky. Over the years, we got other sleds and air tubes, but that red one I kept until I outgrew it and couldn’t fit!

    After sledding, we would have hot cocoa (and of course pick out more of the mini marshmallows!) We would gather around the n64 (at that time, the best and most current game system EVER) and play Mario 64 or Super Nintendo.

    And of course all this would mean days off from school. Nothing was better than an unexpected day off…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would have to say my best snow day memories are going sled riding with my friends at our local park and then going over my friends house for hot chocolate. There was also one time when me and my two friends were at the park sled riding and we decided to walk through the woods. I don’t remember why but that’s what we did lol. So anyway, we saw that the stream was frozen and we decided to walk towards it to get a better look. when we got close to it we didn’t realize we were standing right on top of it. All the sudden the ice breaks and we all fell into the stream and got soaked lol. Looking back at it now it is very funny but at the time it was horrible because we were soak and wet and we had to walk back to our houses in freezing cold weather to change. That is probably the best snow day memory I have because we still find it hilarious to this day.

  4. Allikat says:

    I love reading all of these! They sound so much fun!

    My best memory on a snow day is definitely when I built an igloo with my brother. We literally had an amazing igloo built out of the snow of our driveway. We had candles in it, christmas lights, and even ate meals in it. We were able to fit us both in it pretty comfortably too!

  5. Luz.Feliz says:


    That sounds amazing, and definitely something I would do as an adult!!!

    Thanks for sharing everyone!

  6. wekudiwuqo says:

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  7. SkyJordan43 says:

    i cant be definite about what age this was but there are 3 memories i can remember, 1st i remember a snow day where i set up a fort in my living room and i there was this candle burning where i can never find the smell again but it was pure calmness playing video games in the fort. 2nd me and my bestfriend made a huge slope jump and i went off and went 90 degrees and smacked down on my back and broke the sled, utter legendary moves and hilariousness. 3rd was the snow week and i stayed at a friends house and there were like 6 of us just hanging out for a week straight.

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