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My latest book I have been reading…

Hey, everyone!

I wanted to see if anyone has read some great (or even crappy) books lately. I recently picked up a book by Brene Brown, a researcher, and author on shame and resilience. Her book, The gifts of Imperfection delves into ways to bounce back from setbacks.

It is a pretty light read, and I had some good insights from it. As part of my bedtime ritual, I always grab a book and read when I have some quiet time. (Note to self: do not scroll Facebook before bed. Social media is like Pringles, Once you pop, you can’t stop!

Check out the link on Amazon for more info:

PS. Fun Fact: The book I hated reading most was “Lord of the Flies.” I was in 9th grade, and all I remember is reading about obnoxious boys running on an island “hunger games style” trying to hurt each other! :0

One Reply to “My latest book I have been reading…”

  1. Valerie says:

    Hi Michael! I’ve a read a couple of books in the past few weeks…
    One of my favorites that I read was “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman – a very inspiring book about a young man who meets an older gentleman working the night shift at a gas station (who eventually becomes a mentor to him) who teaches the young man how to live a more spiritual and disciplined life. It was also turned into a movie, so if you don’t feel like reading you can check it out that way instead.
    Book photo

    Another good read was by Linda Gray Sexton, daughter of Anne Sexton (a well known poet who unfortunately died by suicide). Her memoir “Half in Love” is a great, but deep story about surviving the legacy of suicide and her own experience battling the major dips of depression and highs of mania and her struggles to be a spouse, parent, friend, etc. during the struggle. *Trigger warning* she does go into detail of her attempts to mutilate herself and suicide attempts, so it isn’t a book for those with a weak stomach.
    Book cover page

    I also decided one day to reread a book I had purchased years ago. It’s a very light read and it is in the perspective of a young teen living with Autism. “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime” by Mark Haddon is a great book to read on a plane, train, or waiting in the doctor’s office because it’s a fast read and it gives the reader a quick snapshot of the mind of someone living with Autism. This young man finds his neighbor’s dead dog and decides he wants to play “detective” and figure out who killed the animal. Along the way, he forces himself out of his comfort zone to talk to neighbors and break from his normal routine to solve an even bigger mystery. I believe this book has turned into a Broadway play!
    Cover pic

    So those are a few books I’ve read in June…I hope anyone reading this has a chance to check one of the books out! If you have any more recommendations for books, I’d love to know.

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