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Émile Durkheim

Staying focused through heavy work workload and a tight school schedule

Nature is Healing Energy

It’s Upsetting, But Could More Love Walks Be the Answer

The Last Few Days of Summer Break

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

College Hunt

Life is Hard but It Is Also Fragile

How About We Just Chill This Fourth of July

Farewell to Another Month of Pride

The Day After Pride and Rupaul’s Drag Race Coronation

"On Point For Pride"

Happy Pride Month 2017!

"Purpose is what creates true happiness." – Mark Zuckerberg

I’m starting to ‘boil’ outside

"Next To Normal"


"The Meaning of Life"

Minority Mental Health Month

Certainly’ Misogyny

Love and Detachment

My New Project: "Ellis Peace 2.0"

He Taught Me How To Live

It’s Painful Enough Being Homeless

What Causes Homelessness?



When Your Immigration Status Is More Than Political Talking Point: Its Reality

"We have a problem With Hypocritical Celebrities Speaking Their Minds"

Deported for Not Being Gay Enough

Back to Class!

To Understand and Not Be Misunderstood

Slowly but Surely Making This a New Year

Christmas and Chill!!!

School’s Out!

Ho! Ho! Ho?

Ali He’shun Forney: When a drop in center is a privilege

The Problem with Diversity – Walter Ben Michaels

A postcard for Thanksgiving

This is Your Democracy!

Whats there to fear?

Glossophobia: What is it really?

National Coming Out Day

Checking In

"This is who I am!"

Like Leelah

Just Think About How Much Life Really Values

Arts In The Woods 2

Arts In The Woods

The Prevalence of Violence and Mental Illness Among LGBT Youth

The Dread of Stereotypes: What do you think?

What the Olympics Teaches us about Beating All the Odds

Why It Is So Important to Forgive

Just let that sink in!

Parallel Struggles!

It’s Just a Change of Scenery

Reflection on Pride Month

Visible but Invulnerable!

Hate Will Never Win!

Five Ways to Celebrate Pride month!

Why I am a Feminist!

The Army Just Got More Fabulous.

"The Church was a big Closet"

"From the Outside Looking In"

Anger! When is it OK?

Anti-LGBT Counseling

Tough Decisions! Major Setbacks!


Gay Sports Stars – You Can Play!

Straight Parents, Gay Children

Myths that Religion Taught Us

Conversion Therapy Does Not Work!

If there was a cure for depression

The ‘Other’ Aspect of Black History Month

I Am an Immigrant, but I Am Not…

How do you deal with rejection?

Introduction: Being Black, Being Gay and Being an Immigrant