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The picture is me, one year ago.

The little guy to the right… that’s Teddy. I met him through Craigslist. He became a soul companion for days upon days, weeks upon weeks, months upon months, while I was battling depression.

When I had no one else to talk to [as crazy as it may sound], I talked to Teddy.

It was great seeing the little guy last Saturday. I went to visit him and his family.

Man, he has grown. I heard he likes girls better though, LOL. But he didn’t slouch when he saw me. The usual Teddy, he started clawing at my clothes. His energy, as always, was endless. (Thinking about getting a dog? I think the best energy comes from a Cocker Spaniel).

So the story with Teddy is such…

The first day I saw him, he was slowly nibbling on a new toy he got for Christmas. He was half asleep. I took him in my arms and started rubbing my fingers through his fur. He quickly fell asleep.

Lucie, his owner warned me,

“That’s his tired moment… we don’t get alot of that.”

What could I have said. How cuter could he be?

A week later, it was was our first day alone. Two months old, but it was easy to see that Teddy was the most vibrant fellow in the neighborhood.

He couldn’t stop himself from eating every bits of sticks, grass and whatnot that was in his reach.

And there I was, extremely frustrated hoping that he would stop [just o give me a break] but day by day, apart of my job was to get used to his surprises.

Well, alot change after the first week or two. I got used to Teddy and started looking forward to seeing him everyday.

Firstly, I would get half bag of Cheerios before we leave the house, hoping to feed him the other half when we return.


Wrong strategy! Teddy needed it all!

Once we were outside the house, before he made it down the steps that lead into the yard, he would rush back into the house.

“What is the matter Teddy?”
“Do you need your toys?”
“Or is it just too cold outside?”


Teddy wanted the rest of the cheerios.

He was smart, he was quick and he knew how to get what he wanted.

In Teddy’s mind, “You take me down three steps of steers – that’s a walk long enough – now take me back, there is food inside.”

I laughed!

All Teddy really cared about was having it his way.

As the dog walker, I had to keep him checked. I was expected to train him but instead Teddy began to teach me and I allowed him to . I admired his will, his strength and his yearning and applied this to different aspects of my life, at the time, for meaning.

I was compelled to write about my observance, that I actually started a journal.

“Watching a pet fondly at play can be therapeutic.

Over the last few weeks I have gotten to know this little guy, Teddy.

Too bad he is not my pet but I get to spend an hour with him, four days per week.

Being with Teddy has allowed me to show compassion, to develop humility and to be patient.

Teddy is about 6 weeks by now and as he grows he becomes more adventurous, excited and exploratory.

You grow and as you become more aware of your surroundings you strive to make the most of it.” March 8, 2016.

A year later – 18 months old – Teddy is no less the guy I met a year ago. My trip to go see him was just a brilliant idea.

To say that great ideas come from unusual places, would be an understatement in this case.
Having walked Teddy for close to 7 months, I learnt that life is just too short to waste it sacrificing your worth.

By just being resolute, determined and ambitious, you make other people’s life better – no need to be a people pleaser.

And this is a lesson, passed on to me from a little dog [that often times, you don’t get to learn from alot of people] but that I hope will also enrich someone else’s life.

2 Replies to “Teddy!”

  1. Michael says:

    So cute!!! I have always loved animals, and I believe that a house is not a home without them. Thank you for sharing your journey with Teddy – he seems like a wonderful companion and friend.

    I think that animals do teach us so much, about how to love completely and openly, and how to enjoy the simple things in this world.

  2. Kevin A. says:

    Thats right Michael. Are you thinking about getting a pet?

    I have always loved cats more until I met Teddy. Teddy taught me something new – its personality that matters. I used the time that I spent with him to learn and get better at life. He was just starting at life and I was starting a new life, so I observed his growth and used different aspects as life lessons.

    I am glad that you found this relatable, hopefully if you are thinking about getting a pet, it would be a dog and of course, a Cocker Spaniel.

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