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This is Your Democracy!

Its been a very long 24 hours and today is a very sad day but regardless, we are still alive. I’m getting up today and I am getting out to work as hard as I have been doing over the last couple of weeks and months. If you voted, great, if you didn’t this is the time to get together and make something out of the next four years. This is your country. Democracy is still alive and well. If Trump can do it, you can do it!

I choose to call this country my home and I will fight to make it my home though I don’t know what the next few months will bring. When I started my asylum case I had moved to a country that was lead by the first black president; gay marriage was legal in more than half the states in the United States, and America was entering a new era of human rights. Only, one year in and that is on the verge of a complete transformation, I now have to make my case in a country that is controlled by a complete conservative government, by means of the executive and legislative power. Much of what I believe in could be reversed.

The fear is lingering, the headache is starting and while I believe that through support and through the efforts of strong willed people, who will do everything to protect our human rights, whether as immigrants, people of color or LGBT individuals, I believe that every single one of us who believe in morals and good values have to start working together. There is hardly any room for pointing fingers.

Come the new year, many of us will have to fight for our freedom and the very least of our human rights. Many of us will be fighting to live in a country free of hate crimes and bashing. Many of us will be fighting not to return to countries where our lives are at stake. And many of us will be fighting for jobs and a roof over our heads.

Maybe we will be more grateful for what Obama was able to achieve in the last four years. I believe he will continue to fight for us. I believe that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and all the people we wished could be the next president, will continue to fight for us. I don’t believe that these good women and men will let the grace of America fade. Likewise, you and I. Lets make the next four years matter for everyone! For immigrants, gays, lesbians, single black parents and everyone who deserves a better future.

2 Replies to “This is Your Democracy!”

  1. RaiC says:

    Its been a veeeerrrry long 24 hours to say the least! I am with you. 100%. I feel so slighted and disgusted at what our country has come to. The fact that America will be led by such an evil person doesnt come by surprise at all… & to me, that’s what hurts the most. The only real surprise for me was the fact that there were so many people showing their unwavering support to a racist, sexist, pompous narcissist with NO experience in politics as the next president. To think that we’ve come so far after electing a BLACK man for two terms and to see us take a huge step backwards is heartbreaking. I dont know who to blame or what to say exactly, I just know that something is not right and something has to give.

    Trump represents everything that is wrong about America and sadly, the only positive thing that comes out of his new gig, is that we now know how others in this country have felt for quite some time now. Trump showed up, did us the favor. Now we have the numbers to support it! He’s revealed the true face of America and stomped on everything that Obama tried to mend. Everyone can say what they want, but that fool (Trump) is not my president and never will be. I can never respect or look up to someone who has spoke and shown nothing but negativity and grotesque behavior!

    You’re absolutely right about those of us with sense and morals working and sticking together at this point. We are all that we have. This divide has created something that a lot of people feared… Trump united all of the POS and shook up all of our lives forever. There is no saving grace… this is a war between good and evil.. Evil may have won this battle but it’s not over.

    Huge shoutout to Hillary though, she tried and that’s for that, I am grateful. Even with the odds against her (carrying the Clinton name, her past and being a woman)she did what she could. I am proud of her. I’ll try to stay positive and remain hopeful… I know this isnt the end of our journey but it sure feels like this will be one of the toughest hurdles.

  2. Kevin A. says:

    OMG Rai! This is still unbelievable. Where do we start? Its hard to imagine that America will not have a leader for the next four years… and one that will stand up for human rights. He said a lot of things during his campaign… not knowing which is which, we can only wait for the surprises…
    It’s double trouble, because I am also crushed by the fact that Hillary had to concede.

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