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Just let that sink in!

How do you label your fellow countrymen as enemies and expect peace?

This is scary!

Political affiliation is one thing but identity politics is the real enemy if it causes you to believe that because someone disagrees with your political view then they are your enemy.

Not being political here but unfortunately I watched the RNC (Republican National convention) last night.

Initially I wasn’t sure who Mark Burns was but it didn’t hurt to learn that he is a Southern Black Pastor.
Well, Mark believes that Democrats are his enemies.

Coming from a pastor, that was a bitter message for a country that is already heavily divided.

I’m not sure if I have a different concept of what denotes unity and peace but Mark and his colleagues redefined both for me.
Calling out an entire group of people and dismissing them is nothing new.

Maybe he was pandering to his colleagues or he had his own religious agenda but this is where you draw the line between religion and politics.
I’m sorry but at some point, political correctness starts to make a lot of sense.

You may not be pro choice, you may be against gay marriage but what example are you setting?

Enough of dogma and religious fanatics!

One Reply to “Just let that sink in!”

  1. Kevin A. says:

    So Mark Burns lies… “something new to politics?” this video was hard to watch. This week I learnt about the fallacy called Red Herring… well here is a perfect example:


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