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The Day After Pride and Rupaul’s Drag Race Coronation

Summer brings the boiling sun but it also brings a lot of fun. We had a great time at Pride in the Park last Saturday. I am happy Triangle Community Community Center had a great turn out. It was great as usual seeing the community come together. I had a good time and I am definitely looking forward to next year.

To show appreciation to all those who came out to volunteer, TCC will be hosting its annual volunteers appreciation meeting at the end of the month.It’s another come-together before the exit of Pride Month. With that, I am still looking forward to enjoying the rest of the month by attending some events around the area. I am also eyeing New York Pride March this year but I haven’t started planning. Every year, I promise to go and I never do. It’s either my work schedule or an emergency that gets the best of my plans but I am definitely up for it this year especially if I can get a few committed pals who are willing to make the trip. I am all in for the fun and joy that Pride brings.

Also, the finale for my favorite show on T.V, Rupaul’s Drag Race is tomorrow. I have been watching all season and tomorrow is the one day I simply can’t miss. My pick for the 2017 Queen is Shea Coulee. A true talent with confidence, charisma, know-how and creativity. I am also passionate about Peppermint and would def go for her as well if I have to call a tie. Since 2015, I have been looking forward to a finale with a bang. Have not been very lucky but I am optimistic about this. This is the year of the fantastic four. This is the first year that more than three contestants advance to the final. And they are all deserving of the honor.

Until then, start your engines and let the best woman win!

One Reply to “The Day After Pride and Rupaul’s Drag Race Coronation”

  1. VRuiz says:

    Glad to hear that pride in the park went well! I saw some of the photos, def looked like a lot of fun! It’s nice that TCC (the Triangle Community Center) hosts something for the volunteers… that’s exactly how people keep coming back.

    Rupauls drag race is so exciting! I haven’t watched this season! I’ve been slacking but I may tune into the finale, I know it’ll be over the top and amazing. Those ladies know how to show out!

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