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What the Olympics Teaches us about Beating All the Odds

The heroes, the heroines, the skills, the inspirational stories… there are so many great reasons why I love the Olympics and why I grew up watching it.
This year is a little different though, the dynamics have changed. I am in a new country, a new team to cheer on and pretty much getting used to less people talking about the event itself.
Thats the thing, not many people here fancy the games so there is that and then the sports that I am really interested in are not very popular around here .
I’ve heard one or two people talk about Usain Bolt when I bring up track and field but they don’t even know their own athletes.
Not many people seem to know about Alyson Felix or Sanya Richards Ross, great Olympians over the last 12 years, both Americans.
But I’m very sure, at the end of it all, America will cop the most medals as they have in recent years, so that might be something to talk about.

Track and field is my favorite sport. I did tracks in high school so the passion lives on and seeing the US and Jamaican teams battle the track events at the Olympics over the years has been my ultimate thirst.

Even more serious, this was a father, son event… my father introduced me to the games and I’ve grown to admire the event ever since. So there is that connection that comes alive at this time… ‘a mixed reaction’ if there are any words to describe it.

On another hand, the Olympics and the sports involved, teaches a lot about discipline, perseverance and teamwork. Similar lessons that I have taken from my Physical Education and after school training that now abounds my adult years.

And on and off the field, track stars have been my inspiration… some very unfortunate stories though, if you follow track and field, its painful if any of your favorite athletes gets band for doping. I’ve seen this played out so many times, even leading up to the events this year, its really sad.

But in anything in life, you see great people rise and fall. And we choose our inspiration from those that even after a long hard fall, they get up and keep going!

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