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Slowly but Surely Making This a New Year

Should I really be feeling left behind, now that we have entered a New Year but I’ve hardly been able to spare any time to recognize it? I worked New Years Eve, New Years Day and the day after.

The closest I’ve gotten to really thinking about the fact that its 2017 and its a New Year is me just sitting here on a boring day wondering what this year will bring.

Not that I have made any resolutions but I def want to get a few things done:
-A new gym membership – doesn’t have to be this month, could be by the end of the year but I really want to get back to serious workouts.

-A New Apartment – again, to be realistic, by the end of the year.

-And I want to crown the end of this semester with the best grades that I can possible achieve.

-And most importantly, I want to get my asylum over with. Enough of this anxiety that I experience whenever I think about it.

Still, regardless of how I am feeling emotionally, politically and economically, I am optimistic. I am looking forward to good things this year. I had a good Christmas and a great year end – cant complain. And now I am getting reading to go back to school and get even more productive. Its business as usual.

2 Replies to “Slowly but Surely Making This a New Year”

  1. Michael says:

    Hey Kevin,

    It sounds like you have a definite plan for the new year! I think that it is great that you have clear goals in mind – a lot of people don’t (which isn’t wrong, but they definitely help people be more productive.)

    I definitely need to go back for a gym membership. I feel so much better when I exercise – I forget how necessary even 20 minutes a day is. I think where I get caught up is the need for ‘perfection” – as in, if I can’t jog for 2 miles, lift for 30 min, have the perfect protein shake, get my gym bag in order, etc.

    There is always a “but if” with my need to have everything in order for me to succeed or feel confident, but that is not the world we live in! I have to get better at commitment regardless of outside circumstances.

    I think a new apartment is another awesome goal. I honestly had a lot of fun looking for one (stressful too at times.) But it was cool to see all the different options and locations that are out there. Honestly one of my favorite things was decorating my place – it really turned it into something with my own personality. Best of luck on your apartment hunt!

    And I know you will get great grades! Happy New Year!

  2. RaiC says:

    You’ll get it all done, stay positive. It’s nice that you set some goals for the year, that’s really a great way to look at your productivity and progress.

    If you are interested in working out, a gym membership doesn’t have to be the only option for you to do so, especially if you want to work on specific things. I can connect you to a few different resources and even share some of my personal workout routines if you’re interested. I’m a big fan of plyometrics and body weight training… it can be done anywhere.

    Good luck on hitting all of your goals….you got this!

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