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Parallel Struggles!

One way or the other, judgement is judgement. And it’s not wise that we segregate ourselves from others on matters of religion and political views. Two very sensitive topics, but we are humans nonetheless.

Why would a gay person choose to be a conservative?

That’s pretty much their choice, their freedom and unless they are infringing on our rights, that’s their business.

The last time I had a conversation with another person on this topic, it was with another LGBT individual, who leans towards very conservative views. It’s a conversation that began out of admiration and curiosity from myself but openness and authenticity from the other person and it all ended in genuine respect.
Not many other LGBT individuals are fund of conservatives.

“We choose the things that chooses us.”

But there are always going to be people who are different.

Being gay is hard enough, being a gay conservative is added misery, therefore it does no good to further overburden someone because of their religious/political stance.

Not every conservative view is anti-LGBT!

A hard reality to admit and we wish it was never that case, but sometimes conservative ties are the only bonds holding some people and their families together.

With all that said, communities are stronger when they are inclusive.

Likewise, London Jordan shouldn’t have to think otherwise, but it’s still hard to be black and gay, and so I wouldn’t wish a double jeopardy for anyone.

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