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Farewell to Another Month of Pride

So long for another month of love and freedom. This was probably my best Pride month and I am glad that I was able celebrate another year. While I didn’t make it to the city for the march, I still enjoyed my Sunday break. I met up with a couple friends and we watched the parade live from the comfort of our couches while eating gummy bears. We did the same for Rupaul’s Drag Race last Friday. Each time we had a good time. And of course, I was inspired by Sasha’s win though I was rooting for Shea.

But as usual, I can see why Pride is so important. Pride in itself is fun but there are always those one or two people who doubt its significance. Sometimes, they just need a reminder that it is more than that… it is an expression of freedom; resistance from oppression and of course, a reminder that loving someone can never be wrong. In many countries, Pride events are forbidden. Why? So many people still need to catch up with the 21st century – it’s sad. While June seeks to draw the most attention to pride celebrations, Pride extends beyond that single month. In fact, it is the manifestation of our differences. And still, there are people who need a chance to be themselves and celebrate who they are, pride gives them a selfless avenue. Pride is a fearless celebration of our humanity. No doubt, I will miss the pride fever until next year.

Also, this month marks the end of a few other things for me. I am moving at the end of the month and my final Spanish class is this week. Hoping to take a two months break after this. I really want to get through with my reading especially before I go back to school.

I am also looking forward to starting some college visits. Come this fall, I want to start the transfer process towards completing my degree. Next month, I’m looking forward to walking the NY campus of Columbia University for the very first time. I spoke with a counselor from the school and from what I heard, they are very accommodating to students transferring from community colleges. I have had the privilege to meet some former students from Norwalk Community College who have transferred there and they have had a great experience. The program I am looking forward to apply to is the school of General Studies, which is really decent for non-traditional students.

An exciting outlook come July and August, until then, enjoy the rest of Pride Month.

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