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How About We Just Chill This Fourth of July

This Fourth of July holiday comes at a perfect time for me to break from life’s fuss.

It’s just 3 days after I finished a great semester of Spanish class and a day after I moved. Moving alone caused me to forget that I just sat an exam. Would I have been able to rest again? Would I start feeling optimistic again that I made the right choices? I couldn’t tell in the process. I just needed to get my stuff together. But, hey I am here.

I made it through the ordeal of that day or two. Now, I am back to concentrating on the things that I really want to focus on. Like school. Registering for my fall classes; looking into what schools I will be transferring to; exploring how I will be financing school and getting my driver’s license. These things are def more appealing than figuring out where I am going to sleep. Of course, they do come with stress, but I just want to know that things are going to be OK. At any time of the day, these are probably the most important things on my mind. Yes, I still have to get my asylum. I still need to work on my citizenship, all of which takes a lot of time, but in the midst of all of this, I still feel that I need to invest enough time and energy into my education without thinking that I am setting myself up to fail.

So, good. Now I have the holidays. A great time to rest, smile and catch up on life. This fourth of July is everything that I have come to know independence day to be. Freedom! Beach, firework, concerts, barbecue, you name it, I want to have it all. So glad to live in a town that invests so much in recreation. Just down the road from where I am living now, there will be a huge party and fireworks. Norwalk, I believe, is just a homely town for such a great time. The town looks out for its residentI will be hanging with some friends by the beach to see the fireworks. I am pretty sure, it will be fun.

Hope everyone has a great day today and tomorrow and most importantly, stay stress-free.

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