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Checking In

Hey y’all,

Just checking in… I haven’t been able to post for some time because I am trying to catch up with my mid term exams.

The school year has just started and I am already in test mood, not what I expected, but guess what?

I asked for it!

The most important thing about this experience is the motivation and the drive that its been giving me.
Its not perfect but I have rediscovered a passion that is very much a phenomenon.

And it has also been a perfect distraction since it has kept me focused on the things that should really matter: my recovery and my progress.

Anyways, hope everyone is doing OK and shout out to everyone working on their future!

By the way, hope you are getting ready for the winter.
Its getting really cold outside, though its been raining all day.
Keep warm!

Until my next post… here is something to think about:

What life lesson can you learn from this picture?

“Not every opportunity is to be taken”

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