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They are HUMANS!

I could put a stop to that but there is a deeper truth to every story. Every person I defend and will continue to defend.

Transgender rights are human rights!

I don’t care what sexual orientation, race, gender or ethnicity you belong to. I care that you are human and that you are a good one at that.

My best friend is transgender and he deserves every ounce of human rights as I do and if we have to quit school and our jobs to march down to Washington to make ourselves known, we will do it! Silence is a nasty killer and I will not keep shut to please anyone.

I am feeling sad for everyone of my trans brothers and sisters. I am feeling sad for myself… because none of us should have to sacrifice our freedom, our happiness, our basic human rights for other’s bigotry.

There is no justice till all human beings have justice. There is no peace until we all have peace.

“Rolling back STUDENTS rights, is the most insensitive, thoughtless thing anyone could do.”

When most of us gets to sit at our dinner table and exchange salads and wine, middle school students, high schoolers and teens are standing at the gates in Washington wiping their tears because tomorrow they are going back to school and its no longer a safe haven.

You want to know why I care so much about transgender rights?
You want to know why I am so angry, so pissed, so tired?

Its because of crap like this:

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