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Hate Will Never Win!

The idea that two men kissing; the idea that being gay in 2016 is still a radical act is baffling.

The #Orlando shooting is a painful reminder of the danger we still face in the LGBT community.

49 innocent lives taken under the guise of terror by a senseless and evil person who couldn’t come to terms with his hate.

Waking up to this news last Sunday morning was just more salt in the soar to the institutionalized homophobia and prejudice that we face every single day… its retribution for the heartless talk show host, the self-exalting pastor and the power hungry politician who all think that gays are going to hell… but the LGBTQ community is not defeated.

Gun laws, terrorism may not explain the pathological homophobia that leads anyone to such charge of extremism. There may be some cases of mental illness… but behind what our eyes can see…. the problem is deeply spiritual darkness…. a heart full of hate, resentment and unresolved inner conflicts. This is a scourge of our humanness and to imagine that the next person sitting beside you could be contemplating the pursuance of such heartless act – it’s scary.

But in spite of how helpless this tragedy may make us feel there is a strong community of LGBTQ people and allies, in towns and cities throughout America and around the world who are mourning with us and who will continue to embrace the love and pride that will only make the LGBTQ community stronger.


One Reply to “Hate Will Never Win!”

  1. Jamie0715 says:

    Hate is a real bad and hurtful word. You should not use that word against anyone. Plus most of the time were just talking from anger.

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