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"We have a problem With Hypocritical Celebrities Speaking Their Minds"

We have a president who happens to be a celebrity…

…Who happens to speak his mind

…”And we all love him…”

This makes me ‘more black…’

‘More Gay…’

‘More Immigrant.’

And certainly more proud!

I am extremely happy that you are not happy that celebrities speak up and speak out for the marginalized. Whatever happened to ‘compassion’?

Nonetheless, the callous nature of our human will makes me more patriotic, more ‘pro-life’, more ‘African American’ and ‘more legal’.

“Labels, labels, labels… they surely hurt; -)”

What truly hurts is prejudice. That’s what is sad!

Last week I wrote about Franco and his tragedy of not being ‘gay enough’ that could potentially get him deported.

For people who are never enough… they never seem to have enough privileges and they never seem to have rights.

-They cannot be articulate and be well-spoken without others being surprised and they cannot have a great job without others pondering on the color of their skin

-They are more likely to become a statistic

-They cannot go without worrying about the appropriateness of their hairstyle

-They cannot go without being monitored at stores

-They are not allowed to be their own person

-They do not get to express intimate love in public

-They cannot live openly with their partner

-They live with everyday threats and fears of deportation

It sucks having to talk about it but lets face it, I too have inalienable rights and I wish to exercise them,, I wish to be free, to be happy, to speak and if I can’t, if I don’t have the opportunity to shout loud enough, it only gets better having someone else do it for me.

I clearly remember the people sitting behind me, in the social security office, ‘probably thinking that I was ‘illegal’, having overheard the social worker utter the words, “You ‘cannot’ get a SSN.’ Sadly, he didn’t properly look over the papers before him else I would have been saved the embarrassment. One too many people have to face this nonsense everyday. No! I am not illegal and neither are they, we all went through a year long process, passing all the checks and balances that the immigration system has to offer.

I am not going to shy away from the fact that there is bias in all shape and form and that’s O.K, because we are all humans and thus we err. But what’s just plain simply wrong, is social prejudice.

When celebrities speak their minds, I cry because every drop of tear washes the pain that floods us inside. When lady Gaga shouts, “GAY, LESBIAN, STRAIGHT OR TRANSGENDER” to over 150 million people, #ImWithHer 100%. Silence is a crime against your religion, against your country and against your people.

I am grateful for the great people who willingly risk to speak for me when I cant speak for myself. The fact they are heard is ‘enough’.

So when celebrities speak, please let them [next to them we are all hypocrites]. We need them more than ever.

Resistance works. #Resist

Anyways, hope everyone gets to see the Grammys on Sunday!

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