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It’s Just a Change of Scenery

Moving has its pluses and minuses. For one, you just never know what is going to go wrong. There is just so much you can tally on a to-do-list before it starts to get exhausting. Everything is crucial, from checking the four corners of the closet (hoping not to leave anything behind) to making sure that every single one of your roommates know that you are leaving – a farewell, a kiss, a hug, whatever floats your boat.
Through this learning experience, there are some key points that I picked up during my move over the last weekend that I could use for my next move (because there is probably going to be another one).

1. Don’t stress it – probably the first thing you will learn about moving is that it’s a lot of stress. It’s not a one-day trip – it’s a lot of planning, phone calls, packing and unpacking, just to be brief. And so it can definitely be frustrating. Five days after your move, you might just be unpacking the pillow cases. It will take a lot of energy but for a start, depending on the size of your load, it’s best not to pressure yourself into unpacking in one day. Set some time aside to chill!

2. You probably won’t need all that clothes. For the sake of saving space and time, it’s not going to be useful packing clothes you haven’t worn in more than a year. Don’t feel guilty! Donate whatever you can and throw out whatever you can’t. It helps!

3. Budget – There are some things that you may not want to take with you (they may have been old or damaged). That’s OK. Budget! Moving can be very expensive so carefully prioritize your spending and discipline yourself to spend within your means. Create a plan and stick to it. When the important stuff is taken care of, then go ahead with the extras.

4. Get to know your roommate – Not just the landlord, your roommate! sometimes it doesn’t help to wait until you fall asleep on the first night in your new apartment. Hypothetically speaking, you probably don’t want to wake up to Justine Bieber in the middle of the night. Knowing your roommates helps: good friendships, someone to watch your back and a good way to learn more about the place.

5. Quite frankly, moving is just a part of life if you still haven’t gotten where you want to be!!!

4 Replies to “It’s Just a Change of Scenery”

  1. VRuiz says:

    Great tips! Moving for me is always so stressful. I have soooo many things, especially clothes, so the idea of packing it all up every few years really blows. I have a really hard time letting go of things… everything is just so nostalgic for me so I end up with a bunch of stuff from years ago. It’s the same thing with clothes… it’s just like I can’t give them up bc I know for sure that I’ll be looking for it one day or the style will be in again some day.

    I haven’t had a roommate in quite some time but I think that will be a good idea in the next year or so. I know it just makes more sense financially to live with someone but I also love my alone time. I’m thinking of talking to my cousin about getting our own spot but I’m not sure if that’ll be a good idea since she gets on my nerves more times than not lol but she is awesome with budgeting, time management and all that responsible stuff lol I don’t know, I have to think about it but thanks for the tips!

  2. Kevin A. says:

    You’ll get there Vee, just take your time.
    Living with others can be a tough decision to make, there is only so much you can learn in a week or two, before you make the long term decision.
    But since, in this case, its your cousin, you probably know enough to make the best decision.

    Good luck!

  3. Jamie0715 says:

    Moving actually is real hard packing and just moving the stuff from one place to another can be really frustrating things get really heavy and you need all the extra help you can get.

  4. Kevin A. says:

    You are right Jamie. Found this on BuzzFeed and thought it would also be helpful to anyone who may be thinking about moving (Click the link below):


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