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January: National Mentoring Month


A Full Pardon: From Convict to Coach


It’s You, Not the Place: Recovery

Recovery Month 2022

International Overdose Awareness Day 2022

Harm Reduction: A Peer Perspective

Mental Health Books To Check Out

Prevention: What I Wish I Had as a Recovering Addict.

Trauma and Women’s Health

IEP Meetings

Some Days Are Really, Really Hard

Recovery Travels: Austin, Texas

Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month Pt. 2


Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month Pt. 1

Ally’s #10YearChallenge

Ally’s Back to Blogging

New Year, New Decade

A New Chapter

From Convict to College Graduate

Disconnecting for a Connection

I Cried Over Spilled Milk

Reflecting 2018

In Everything Give Thanks

Good Enough

4 Phrases I’m tired of being told when I’m struggling

The Impact of a Best Friend

A 6 Year chapter is finally over

The days I dreamed of in prison

My Humiliation is Finally Over

Forgiving My Younger Self

The Anchor

Bearing the Bang of the Bells

How I Had Thought Heroin Cured My Anxiety

A Healthy Body

Comfort Cat

Reflecting 2017

Two Years!

Faith-it Till You Make It

Falling In Love With Fall

A Day at the Courthouse

Dreaming Again

A New Identification

Enjoying the Moment


Fear or Love?

Drug Dreams

Sobriety vs Recovery

Holidays in Recovery

The Fog

The Spoon

I’m Not an Addict; I’m a Person In Recovery

Those left behind

Changing Seasons

To The Professionals That Care



National Overdose Awareness Day

Screaming For The Silent

I Have a Name

On My Knees

Vacation In Recovery

My Best Friend Is An Addict

A Free Prisoner

The Waiting Room

The Rubber Bracelet

The Monkey