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From Convict to College Graduate

Yesterday I picked up my cap and gown for graduation! I’m graduating Gateway Community College with an Associate’s Degree in the Drug and Alcohol Recovery Counselor program. It honestly didn’t feel real that I was graduating until I held the cap and gown.

I started my education journey with a goal to simply just start. I wanted to complete the certificate program and the goal of the degree was tucked away in my mind. It just didn’t seem realistic.

But then God does this thing where He pours out His grace and love. He cracks open your mind and heart to see what you dream of and He gathers all of His resources to give you beyond your wildest dreams.

My graduation is for God, to amplify His faithfulness

My graduation is for my family, who continually shown belief in me, whether it was delivering a snack up to my room, putting up with plenty of my meltdowns, or celebrating successes with me.

My graduation is for my best friends, who kept me laughing, belly hurting crying laughing every day.

My graduation is for the people who are reading this right now with little to no faith in their lives getting any better. I was there just three years ago. I promise, it really does get better.

My graduation is for the law enforcement and correctional officers who said that I’m just another statistic of failure.

My graduation is for the person who I will meet in my future career who is feeling completely hopeless. I pray that I can be a safe person for you to guide you.
And my graduation is for all the people who brought negativity in my life, ever. Because of your pain, you caused me pain, and with that pain, I drew strength from the Most Divine source. I learned empowerment, self-love, self-advocacy, boundaries, self-worth, and humility. I took your doubt, your discouragement, your abandonment, your insecurities… and found compassion for you that fueled me to find peace, confidence, and success. Thank you!

3 Replies to “From Convict to College Graduate”

  1. egbumblebee says:

    awesome awesome awesome!!! love you, proud of you.

  2. Luz.Feliz says:

    I’m so proud of you Ally! You have come so far and this is definitely just the beginning. Keep doing amazing things! 🙂

  3. labate says:

    I couldn’t have been anymore proud to see you walk across the stage with your degree

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