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One Reply to “Those left behind”

  1. Allikat says:

    Hi! I saw this going viral!

    I have mixed feelings about it. I understand his intentions, but I think this wasn’t the best way to do it. I wouldn’t have been able to broadcast my child’s pain to make a point. Plus I’m more in favor for posting recovery instead of the depths of addiction.

    I do hope that someone is influenced by it in the right way by getting into treatment. While I was actively using, it would have not affected me very much watching something like this because while I’m active in my use, drugs completely block my feelings of compassion and motivation to change. I’m so consumed with the drugs that I even believe that it “wouldn’t happen to me”. I also don’t think many addicts intentionally overdose when they use. Yes, sometimes, but not all the time.

    It’s a touchy subject and I’m not sure if the child is of age to be able to decide if he wants such a private moment to be all over the internet.

    Either way, I hope it did touch someone to get help for their addiction.

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