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Coming of Age (Video)

Adrianna, Cindy, and I (Nahjeera) are high school students and community leaders. All of us introduce ourselves and talk about coming of age for our first podcast/video.

We broke the topic down to what we thought was a nice and condensed story. We talk about our coming to age and how it effects us.

Everyone talked  about what defined coming of age and how it has affected us as teens. We are still growing up and coming of age with each new interaction and birthday.

All of us talked about our different experiences within school, home life, and outside world. We also talk about what coming of age really means to us.

We chose this because it’s something we are going through right now.

Everyone also wanted to do this topic because we are all different ages and we all have different views on it. For example, Nahjeera is going to graduating and Cindy and Adrianna just made it through freshman year. We all have a different feel on coming of age and what it is like for us as teens in high school.

We did go a little off and talked about all the stress and anxiety that does come with going back to school. Also, seeing all the amount of work we get during the year.

But we did talk about different ways to deal with it and how to become less stressed and different ways to be relaxed during the school year.

We filmed this discussion so everyone could get to know us. Check out our YouTube video here


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