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How I Found the Courage to Heal on My Detour

Why is HUMOR a container AND cure-all for Balance, Health and JOY?

What’s a lifeline of creativity for you?

What does a "blip in time" mean to you? How to tell yourself everything passes

Here’s How October and Creativity Can Help You on Your Detour Right Now

Caring About the Environment Helped me Care About Myself: Nature & Mental Health

Five Magic Steps to Turn Creativity Into Happy Mental Wellness

Pizza Changed My Life. How Pizza Changed My Life…It’s #NationalCheesePizzaDay!

When Stage Fright, Fear, and Passion Become Your Best Friend: Making a Show

The Most Clever Way to Find Hope on a Down Day is….

What Can Theatre Can Tell Us About Mental Health & Humanity Today?

Why this month is the best time to jumpstart your mental health with creativity

How Does Trauma Make You a Hero? (Really!)

A Teaser for my Never-Before-Seen 2nd TEDx Talk

Dealing with Physical "Detours" and How to Cope

Why we all need to express our diversity – but how do we fight its stigma?

Can a Story Make a Woman Leader?

What is an “integrative approach” to wellness?

How do you make a breakthrough when your detour gets dark

Take Back the Night for Mental Health

sexual assault awareness month

How to Play a Positive Role in Sexual Assault Awareness Month

why you should scare yourself

Here’s why you should do something to scare yourself today…and how.

musical mental health

Musical Mental Health: Why songwriting will guide your detour (and how!)

mental health anthem

What’s your personal anthem? Write your own mental health anthem!

quotes on patterns

5 Quotes on Patterns to Guide You Through Any Detour

life is a job

Life is a Job – And Here’s Why That’s Awesome.

using art for mental health

Get Physical for Mental Health…with ART!

make joy up to you

This is the only way to make JOY up to you – and it’s super-easy.

theatre best mental health teacher

Theatre is the Best Mental Health Teacher

five steps to transforming

Five Steps to Transforming This January Into the Greatest 2017

understanding ptsd

Could I Understand My PTSD Through Writing a Play About it?

hope hacks

These are the only Hope Hacks you need. Seriously, and they’re this simple.

write to your hero

Find Your Way Through a Detour by Writing a Letter to your Hero

humor is the best medicine

Here’s Why Humor Really IS The Best Medicine

healthy habits

Healthy Habits to Kickstart a Great November

what do you do with your limitations

What do you do with your "limitations?"

what do you do with your limitations

What do you do with your "limitations?"

dance through detours

How to Dance Your Way Through Detours – Literally.

october turning point

October Can Be Your Turning Point.

mental health messages around the world

Mental Health Messages In The World Around You: Where’s Your Voice?

oversharing on social media

Can oversharing on Social Media be good for your health?

messiest way to mental health

The Messiest Way to Mental Health…

how to travel like an artist

Detours Are a Crash Course in Improv: How to "Travel" Like an "Artist"

how do you find the upside of a detour

Detourist Book of the Week: How do you find the "upside" of a detour?

share your story now

Why You Need to Share Your Story…Now!

nature for help with mental detours

Four Ways to Use Nature to Overcome Your Fear of Detours

dreams mental health tool

Why Dreams are the Best Mental Health Tool

creative coping skills

Creative Coping Skills to Get Grounded in Change

rediscover yourself

Get Lost! Rediscover Yourself in Nature

tedx talk glitches

Why My TEDx Talk Was Glitch: Loving Our Detours, Our Glitches

mental health mindsets

Part Two: The Only Four Mental Health Mindsets You Need

survival skills

4 Hard Core Detourist Survival Skills to Get Through ANYTHING – Part 1

detour turning point featured image

How to turn a "Detour" Into Your "Turning Point" – Detourist Mental Health Tips