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How Does Trauma Make You a Hero? (Really!)

My 2nd TEDx Talk is officially live! It’s about transforming trauma – or any adversity – into a warrior’s adventure through creativity, story, wonder, and a bit of the archetypal hero’s journey.

On February 25th, 2017, I gave my 2nd TEDx Talk on how I healed from trauma, through turning myself into Tigerlilly, the warrior, using my “Four Hard Core Skills to Resilience” that I created from my roadmap….the archetypal hero’s journey.

Creativity was a mindset that literally saved my life. REMEMBER…we’re all artists at heart!



I would love to hear from you.
What does creativity mean to you?
Is there a story you’ve read as a child that’s always stayed with you?
After watching my talk, what step are you in on the hero’s journey?
How can you use that pattern to tell you where you need to go next in your life?

I gave this TEDx Talk for VCU’s theme of PATTERNS. Is there a pattern that has guided you? What’s your favorite pattern?

Oh, and what’s one pattern we all have in our lives?


Through sharing our stories, we become empowered, inspired and more comfortable with our life circumstances, as well as with who we are. Telling our stories helps us process it – just like you learn something better yourself when you have to teach someone else. Through our shared experience, we gain confidence and become travel-partners on our detours.  And traveling is always less scary when we’re not alone.

City Dream

Even if you’re not ready to share your story, read a book. Hear the stories of others –courageous, adventure stories!  We learn by example, so when that difficult detour surprises you, you’ll be able to pull those heroic stories out of your back pocket and follow your own hero’s journey.

Watch my first TEDx Talk on Detours here. HTTPS://amyoes.com/TEDx

I’d love to hear from you all on the patterns in your own life – and the stories you’ve heard that stick with you today.

Remember – everyone has a story worth sharing. Even if for now, it’s one that’s been told to us.

They’re your secret weapon!

Don’t believe me? Watch the talk !

Safe travels, Detourists!

One Reply to “How Does Trauma Make You a Hero? (Really!)”

  1. Allikat says:

    Congratulations on your TEDx Talk going live!

    I truly believe that there is SO much power in sharing your story! I, too, share my story and believe it or not, I love sharing the raw truth’s of my trauma and lived experiences. I’ll allow myself to be vulnerable and share the moments in my life that are serious platforms to be ridiculed and judged by society. However, there is ALWAYS AT LEAST ONE person who tells me that they can relate to what I’ve been through or am currently going through. That one person that I can influence is worth telling my story. Plus, I’ve been able to accept all of the parts of my story, so I don’t mind sharing them and I’m able to appropriately handle any of the judgement that might come my way.

    As much as I enjoy sharing my story, I LOVE hearing others’ stories! It’s so interesting to hear their perspectives on life and situations and to hear of how they’ve overcome obstacles. You’d be surprised how much alike you can be with someone that’s a complete stranger, just by listening to their story.

    Keep sharing your story! You never know who you will inspire! Thank you for sharing the TEDx Talk with us!

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