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Part Two: The Only Four Mental Health Mindsets You Need

This is part two of my four-part series:  

The Four Hardcore Survival Skills You Can’t Live Without Are Simpler Than You Think

We’ve talked about Gratitude as Skill #1, and now, I’d like to introduce you to Number Three…

2.) Creativity

Through creativity, we can create a safe container to be present with our experiences that we may still coming to terms with.  Creative expression engages us in a conversation with emotions that may be too painful, frightening or overwhelming for words.

me in studio

You certainly don’t need to be an artist to make art – you just need an open heart and a mind willing to take a backseat.  You can paint, sing, write, doodle, and it doesn’t have to be good.  Don’t think about what you are trying to express or what your “art” is supposed to mean.  Creativity allows us to interact with another part of our consciousness – and the more we get to know ourselves, all of ourselves, the stronger of an identity we build.  A strong sense of identity is the greatest compass on a “detour.”

Don’t know where to start?



  1.  Close your eyes, take a breath, and take a mindful stroll outside (preferably as nature-like as possible)!
  2. Find the first image that excites you. How does it make you feel? What kind of music do you hear in your head? If that image were a dance, what would be its song?
  3. Grab a piece of paper and crayons. (There’s nothing like a box of old-school crayolas!)
  4. Put on the song that your image was “dancing to.”
  5. Start to draw to the music – just one continuous line. Don’t think. Just hear the music and draw.
  6. When you hear the music louder than your thoughts, forget all the rules and fill in the whole page.
  7. Write a letter on the back and send it to someone you love…or better yet, to yourself!

7 Simple Steps To Find Your Creative SideOn my blog, I suggest a few different ways you can start seeing the world differently – turning your thoughts upside down is the best starting point to create.

Art is more than a hobby. Art and creativity cure a problem that we all share at times – boredom. I’m not just talking about commercial breaks, a meeting at work that never ends, or traffic lights. Creativity is a mind-set, a way of seeing the world.Creativity puts the magic back in life, so not only are we never bored, we are constantly inspired, present, empowered, and – dare I say it – happy.


So that’s it for my second installment of essential mental health skills.


  1. Gratitude (Make an A to Z Gratitude List)
  2. Hope (Lie to yourself…seriously!)
  3. Well, you’ll have to wait for the next post!

In the meantime, keep traveling that beautiful detour!

Nobody expects a detour to happen, in life. It’s what happens when we think we have things planned and all figured out…and then we’re thrown a curveball.

Safe travels!

— Amy, the Detourist

All artwork was created by Amy on her detour. Learn about her speaking, or catch her touring Gutless & Grateful, her one woman musical, to theatres, colleges, conferences and organizations nationwide.   Learn about hermental health advocacy programs for students, and find out how to take part in the#LoveMyDetour movement, and learn about her upcoming book, My Beautiful Detour at www.amyoes.com.

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One Reply to “Part Two: The Only Four Mental Health Mindsets You Need”

  1. Kevin A. says:

    This is reassuring Amy, I’ve always used art to challenge and express myself but I have not been active for a while. This is definitely a good reason to get back at it. Very motivating!

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