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i’m trying!!!!

Embracing My Turning Pointe

I’m Working On It

Twenty Years

My Best Self

My Definition

Isolations Belong in the Studio, Not in Our Heads


She Makes the World Go Round

Another Full Circle


Defining My Character

Dancing to the Beat of My Own Drum

Everything Will Turn-Out Just Fine

Dancing, Prancing, and Purring

This Grand Stage of My Life

No Longer in Isolation

I’ll Take the Lead on This One

Point Your Toes in the Direction of Your Dreams

Keeping the Rhythm You Gave Me

The Piques and Pits in My Life

Petite, But Mighty

Raising the Barre Since 1997

The Second Half of My Pas De Deux

My Attitude and My Outlook

Watching the World Develope

The Release of My Anger


Pitter, Patter, Potter

Shuffling Past the Crowd

Finding My Balancé

The Raw Truth, The Real Pointe