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i’m trying!!!!

watch me double fist this monster

today i biked and saw noa by the water

she is both intimate and casual and makes me feel magical

this summer i am focusing on fruit and how it sparkles in the sun

i will eat at more diners and try to be kinder

i wonder how much of my own lipstick I’ve consumed today

at least my mom will be happy i’m eating

i will dance to frank ocean and forget your coercion

i will brush my hair 100 times and then i will be soft

2 Replies to “i’m trying!!!!”

  1. marco197 says:

    trying is all we can do sometimes!! ????

    please continue writing because reading this made my heart smile and giggle

    peace n love – marky

  2. rnisotis says:

    DOES IT REALLY? *-*!!!!!
    i shall then

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