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Why Teaching Kindness Matters

In light of World Kindness Day, I want talk about why being kind to yourself, others and the world is important. We celebrate World Kindness Day on November 13. The purpose of celebrating kindness on this day is to show others that kindness will bring us together. We have to teach kindness to each other. Teaching kindness to each other is how we’ll make the world a better place.

Teaching kindness starts with us. We cannot teach others how to be kind if we don’t know how to be kind to ourselves first. Honestly, it can be really difficult to be kind to ourselves, especially when we’re struggling. When we are struggling is when we need kindness the most. Self-kindness allows us to heal from things that we never knew we needed to heal from. Often, I still struggle with being kind to myself. When I’m feeling low, I tend to criticize every thing that I do and make negative comments towards myself which usually doesn’t help.

It took me a really long time but eventually, I learned to teach myself kindness. Being kind to myself has changed a lot for me. It not only has taught me not to be so hard on myself but it’s also taught me how to be a little kinder to others. Now that’s not to say that I was mean to other people but you get what I’m saying. A few kinds words to someone, even if it’s yourself, can make make the world a little better. Think about it like this, if kind words and thoughtfulness can help plants grow, imagine what it could do for you, or someone else.

Kindness should not stop with you. It should be something that everyone can give and experience. We should teach others how to be kind too. I feel like a lot of people don’t understand the impact of kindness itself. I am always sure to teach kindness to my students because sometimes I think that they’re the ones who need it the most. Sometimes people are unkind to them because they have disabilities and that’s not cool. They deserve to know that they are just as loved as everyone else, even if they’re a little different. I know in my heart that showing them kindness will teach them to be kind to others who might be feeling that way.

Showing others kindness is the best way to teach them. When we show kindness to others it shows them that there is still a little bit of good left in the world. Kindness gives us the chance to connect positively with others and create lasting, meaningful relationships. When people are kind we tend to feel more connected and willing to interact with them. Kindness is contagious! Our small acts of kindness might make someone want to pass on that same kindness and that’s great. This is why it’s so important to teach kindness and be kind.

Lastly, being kind to everyone out in the world is absolutely important. There are so many people out there who have not experienced any form of kindness and they certainly need it. You may not know what someoneone is going through and your words can make or break them. Whether it’s a simple hello or an hour long conversation, what you say and how you say it might change someoene’s life. Who knows, you might even save them if that’s the point they’re at. Kind words have no cost and are worth so much more than you know.

Teaching kindness matters because without it we might not survive. People have to know that there is still good in the world. Much like hatred, kindness can be taught and should be. There have been days where all I really needed was kind words I never got. If someoene had taken the time to be kind to me when I was struggling, maybe I wouldn’t have suffered as much. I’ll never really know. But that’s why I choose to be kind when I can because I know how much it hurts to need kind words and not receive them. I will always try to be kind.

How will you teach others kindness?

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