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We Went Live on FB: What’s new with Fall 2020 Intern Serena & TurningPointCT

Fall 2020 Intern Serena C and Project Coordinator Ella touch base over zoom for a FB live check in 🙂 Check out the exciting things they have both been up to since Serena left the internship!

Serena has been continuing her passion of using pageants as a platform for her mental health advocacy work and helping others in her work as a Social Emotional Behavioral Assistant helping children navigate their complex emotions in the classroom.

TurningPointCT has continued to produce “The Collection” an online publication that features and highlights creative works and stories from young people from across the state of Connecticut. We have also made an effort to offer opportunities for connection through virtual social events including a teen, mental health social, book club, and mental health social! For more info visit: https://turningpointct.org/media/socials/

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