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Things That Will Help Bring You Peace

Things that will help bring you peace:

  • just let things be
  • let people go
  • don’t fight for closure
  • don’t chase answers
  • don’t expect an explanation

I used to always fight for closure and chase answers and explanations that I was never going to get. It did more harm than it did good.

It might seem hard to move on without closure from certain situations, but I promise you, you will be much more at peace if you just let things be and let people go.

Having anxiety, I know how hard it is to just let things be. It’s extremely hard for me to not be in control of situations, but unfortunately, we cannot control other people’s actions towards us.

There were a lot of situations where I was waiting for closure for months or years, and it was awful. Eventually, I accepted that I was never going to get the answers or closure I thought I needed. I moved on with my life.

Letting it go is much easier said than done, but it is possible. And it will make you feel so much better when you let go of the need for closure. You can give yourself the closure you need to move on.

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