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Nahjeera’s Birthday Surprise

Hey guys it’s Nahjeera here! Here is a video of when my friends who are a part of the SMART Recovery group surprising me for my birthday. I have been a part of the SMART group for about a year now and it really has been great knowing them all. I told them a few days before that my birthday was coming up and they took it into their own hands to throw a surprise party for me during group.

Honestly, I really appreciated what they did because I have been dealing with a lot and just seeing this really made my day/week. I’m really do like being a part of the group and getting to know all the people a part of it and becoming friends with them because everyone is so supportive for everyone and always there for each other and that great to have people you can relate too.

The SMART Recovery group is a really great group to join if you want to find people that are dealing or struggling with the same things that you are and/or you need help coping with anything that you are dealing/struggling with. I’m glad to be a part of it and friends with the people a part of it.

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