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My Journey With Writing Songs

My journey with writing songs started when I was a kid in elementary school. I was quite a big fan of Usher’s music at the time, so he inspired me to write my own songs. I would write whenever I could. A lot of what I wrote didn’t make sense and was not very good, but that’s okay, I was just a beginner after all.

By middle school, I had moved on from Usher and was now a big fan of Drake (the rapper, not the Nickelodeon star). My writing songs had kind of slowed down at that point, but I was still very into listening to music.  

In high school, my hobby of writing started back up again once I was a senior. I was in a creative writing class where we would write poetry and such. This is where I’d say I had an “aha” moment that writing was a true passion of mine. And my classmates and teacher seemed to really enjoy the poems I was writing. At this time, I was also introduced to the artist Juice WRLD, whose music I found to be really meaningful and relatable. 

After graduating high school and entering college, I found myself still writing poetry. Over the next few years, though, the poetry slowly started turning back into songs. During the pandemic, the transformation from writing poetry to writing songs was complete. For me, the difference between writing poetry and writing songs is that with poetry, I have no intentions of recording them, but with songs, I do.

Writing song lyrics is a very interesting process. I tap into my emotions and think about all the things I’ve been through, and most of the time, it creates something very beautiful.  

In the summer of 2020, I scheduled a day at Sage Sound Studios in Shelton and recorded my first ever song “Remember Me”.  Going to a professional recording studio for the first time was very stressful, but fun. I remember being very nervous sharing what I wrote with other people, and by the end of the session, I was pretty tired.  It also took me several takes to get the recording right, but I enjoyed my time there. 

A year later, summer 2021, I recorded my second song “Friends & Enemies”.  In my opinion, there was a massive improvement this time. It didn’t take as long to record this song as it did the first song, and I felt a little more confident and comfortable in the studio. Since then, I’ve recorded a couple more songs and I plan to continue doing so every few months.  

These days, I still find myself listening to Drake and Juice WLRD, but also Lil Wayne and YouTube musician KSI. These four artists inspire me very much, but in different ways. Drake and Juice WRLD inspire me to express my emotions and talk about what troubles me. Lil Wayne inspires me with his wordplay; I’m always thinking of different ways to have double meanings in my lyrics. KSI inspires me to push boundaries and get out there as he is always doing himself.

Writing the lyrics and then recording the songs is a very therapeutic journey for me. It helps me get my feelings out in a healthy way and it creates something that everyone can listen to. I always hope that my music can bring as much joy to others as it does to me.

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