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How are you taking are of yourself during this time?

With most of us having to stay home in order to stay safe and healthy, it is important that we remember to take time to practice self-care. With that in mind, what are you guys doing to take care of yourselves?

Here are some things I’ve been able to do for myself so far:

-Take long and warm showers
-Practice my cooking skills/make home-cooked meals which I enjoy
-Spend time with loved ones
-Listen to music
-Play board games
-Play video games
-Talk on the phone with loved ones
-Read books in my favorite genre

How about you guys?

One Reply to “How are you taking are of yourself during this time?”

  1. SkyJordan43 says:

    I have been taking time to just listen to music and enjoy things that I normally don’t get the chance to. placing boundaries ahs been very helpful as well.

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