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First Pride Month

Hiii – Ally here 🙂

I’m super excited to openly celebrate #pridemonth2021 ! For years I had to support my lgbtq peeps behind closed doors because I was deep into a religion (Christianity- independent fundamental baptist) that would shame me for accepting and being an ally (Being an ally is literally my name so yeah you’re not taking that from me, especially with some book that isn’t even interpreted accurately). I lost my membership at one church because I posted that I support gay marriage and was happy to see that the SUICIDE RATES decreased since it’s been legal in all states. My (step)family’s church that I was deep into was very open about and taught how lgbtq are “sinning”, going to be eternally tormented in hell, kicked many young people out for identifying as lgbtq, sent them away and fully support conversion therapy, and the list goes on. I always knew in my gut that the belief system was extremely flawed. As someone who has always been attracted to both men and women, I thought something was wrong with me and still to this day my family doesn’t know that. You cannot convince me that love is wrong. Your scripture means nothing to me. I can find scripture that literally supports lgbtq. If you’ve read this far, thank you for holding space for me. It’s a big deal for me because I would literally not be permitted to celebrate love and who I always had been. Since leaving religion and finding a different spiritual practice that works for me, my life has been dramatically different. Indoctrination is real af and I’m struggling daily from deconstructing. I’m def going to be more open about the church situation since y’all saw me going from posting verses daily.. to now tarot cards and manifestations. To anyone who ever felt shame or rejection from me, whether indirectly or directly, I am so sorry. I am now committed to be VERY open about supporting things I always knew to be right, and even more committed to helping people like myself, who left a belief system that ended up completely controlling you.

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