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CT Teens React: America’s COVID Response

Watch this video to get a unique perspective as CT teens react to the U.S. Coronavirus response and share what we really think. We talk about what shocks us, what makes us mad and what we think should be done better.

For instance, the New York Times released a video where they show young people around the world the facts and figures on how the U.S. is handling the pandemic, check that out by clicking here! As shocked and appalled as young people around the world are, the will of the young people living in the United States today is underrepresented. Since we lack representation, it’s time that we speak out about the way our country is handling the pandemic!

Furthermore, to access mental health resources that are by and for teens and young adults in CT, check out our website: www.turningpointct.org (For more videos click HERE!)

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CT Teens React

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