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Celebrity Wellness

Celebrity Wellness

Martha Stewart: I chose Martha Stewart for a few reasons. One, she is gangster. That’s right. Little delicate Martha has definitely gotten someone fired for looking at her the wrong way. In all seriousness, Martha is the queen of domestic life, which is where wellness is cultivated. Martha knows everything from gardening, cooking, decorating, even insider trading!


Joan Crawford: If anyone needed Mental Health First Aid, it was Joan… Queen of the Golden Age of Hollywood, Joan exuded glamour and appeal with every glance, and power and strength with her words. Yet Joan was known in real life to have particularly strict habits and routines. Go watch the movie Mommie Dearest, then message me on the forum where we can talk about it

What would happen if celebrities talked about what wellness means to them? I took a humorous look at what I think they would say!



celebrity wellness

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