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Coping with COVID-19!

Hey everyone, it’s Ella here. I just wanted to reach out to you all during this really unexpected and unsettling time and let you all know that TurningPoint CT is here to be a resource and guide for you through the uncertainty.

We’re all feeling anxious about the coronavirus and concerned about isolation in the coming weeks. BUT! Just remember: Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation! Luckily we have so many means to stay connected with our friends and family from a distance. In fact, staying “social” is a great way to manage the stress, focus on positives, and worry less–even while hibernating at home. Together, we can be #coronastrong

We’re lucky here in CT that the quarantine does not mean less access to mental health support, there are free peer support warmlines alongside national crisis lines. See info in picture to the left or download here to share.


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