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Check out the second issue of “The TurningPointCT Collection”!


The Spring 2021 issue of “The TurningPointCT.org Collection” explores the concept of “Growing Through What We Go Through.” A year spent in the pandemic has challenged us all in unique ways. With the turn of the season we have the opportunity to dethaw, take a moment to reflect upon all of the ways we have grown through this adversity and turn our focus towards the fresh start and hope that Spring offers.

Find it by clicking HERE or by visiting https://turningpointct.org/resources/newsletter/.

What is “The TurningPointCT.org Collection”?

“The TurningPointCT.org Collection” is a newsletter released quarterly made BY and FOR young people in Connecticut. Teens and young adults from all across the state come together to make an online magazine featuring stories, articles, coping skills and creative expressions centering around a message promoting mental wellness.

Interested in getting involved with the production of the seasonal release of “The TurningPointCT Collection”? Email Ella (emoore@positivedirections.org)

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