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When is it okay to struggle?

Two years ago when I made the choice to start loving myself and take a different path in life, I realized it was okay to fall apart as long as I kept getting back up and trying again. When being a peer, it is hard to allow yourself that time to heal, cry, or just have a bad day. I have realized I am strong for myself, but sometimes too strong for others.

As peers, mentors and people in recovery, do you ever feel like you can’t have a bad day or show you are struggling because you do not want to let other people see you know see it?

6 Replies to “When is it okay to struggle?”

  1. stev0003 says:

    I am not certified or anything as a peer counselor but I help my friends in whatever way I can. I have tough days too when I need their help… I’m human and so are they.

  2. Sam B. says:

    I know what you mean Torry. Sometimes once we define ourselves as being in recovery we can be hard on ourselves if we slip up. I’ve been there. But what I’ve been taught is that recovery is not a straight line, it has ups and downs too. The difference between before and now is our greater ability to cope with what pops up. You have to take care of you in order to be able to help anyone else!

  3. torry22 says:

    Great insight Stev0003 and Sam B.! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jamie0715 says:

    Yes i think that it is okay to struggle it is rough to get what you want and need and sad to say but what we need is money atleast to survive have a rugh, and food to eat.Sometimes you are going to struggle it is part of life but you have to be strong and like you said Torry you just have to get back up and try again. Dont never be scared to ask for help if its needed.

  5. nathanieljblack7 says:

    It is always okay to struggle.
    It is always okay to have your feelings.
    It may be important to remember that it can be sometimes be reassuring for others to see the struggle behind the brave face. It shows reinforces that when they are struggling it’s okay.
    Allow yourself to feel your feelings; feel them, process them, and work through them but never feel like you need to hide them or hide from them.

  6. RaiC says:

    You are human first, everything else second. I think a lot of times we all do too much for other people and get caught up in disguising ourselves to hide the struggles that make us who we are. The only way to really make an impact on anyone lives as well as in our own, is to truly come to terms with who we are and stop trying act as if we don’t feel, struggle or find ourselves in challenging situations. Our feelings, experiences and emotions make all of us much more relatable. Its defy not about how many times you’ve fell but it is about how many times you’ve got back up! I try not to beat myself up about things and I try to stay positive, hopeful for the next situation. I don’t think I can help someone if I’m not keeping it real with myself… so be you, accept it.. flaws and all.

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