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When is Enough, Enough

One of my close friends is in an emotionally abusive relationship and it is so hard to see her in this situation from the outside and for her just not to see it. I totally get it though, when I was in an emotional abusive relationship I was blinded by “the good” parts of the relationship. It took me many months to completely get out of the relationship successfully. I want her to see what he’s doing to her, but at the same time she wont want out until she sees how destructive the relationship is. I don’t want her to have to wait like I did until I was hurt myself to figure it out and get out. I’m not exactly sure if I can do anything more for her besides just listen. I was looking online at articles and happened upon this one: http://www.xojane.com/sex/staying-in-an-emotionally-abusive-relationship. The reasons why this woman decided to stay in the relationship for so long were extremely similar to what I experienced. Have anyone experienced similar feelings or have any advice on what I can do for my friend?

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