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What Animal Would you Pick to Best Represent you?

If choosing an animal to best represent all aspects of myself, I think I would choose a shark. Sharks are some of the most fierce and dominating animals that live underwater, preying on and attacking others as well as being highly defensive all of the time. I am similar to this because I feel like I always have to be defensive in order to protect myself. On the contrary, the shark can be easily injured by one of the friendliest animals, the dolphin, which can kill the shark by pecking it in its gills. Similarly, I too can be sensitive enough to be harmed by simple things due to past experiences. Knowing this, what kind of animal do you think would best describe you?

9 Replies to “What Animal Would you Pick to Best Represent you?”

  1. Kevin A. says:

    I would say a dog lol but to be very specific about the breed, an English Cocker Spaniel. A very hardworking/playful and friendly dog… can a little stubborn at times but very affectionate. Most of all, Cocker Spaniels can be very quiet, which is me, most of the time.

  2. Luz.Feliz says:


    I did not know that English Cocker Spaniels were indeed such hardworking and friendly dogs due to their genetic make up. I grew up with a friend who owned one of these kinds of dogs, and in fact she turned out to perfectly define the description you previously mentioned. Thanks for allowing me to learn something new today.


  3. Jamie0715 says:

    I would say a bird not just any bird though a love bird, because I love with all my heart. Sometimes, I just want to fly away not just to get away, but to see explore and see things from angels that others cant see. Wont blink my eyes because, I wouldn’t want to miss a thing that goes on in our little beautiful world. I would love to be like a bird, I want to be free, and be in peace.

  4. Valerie says:

    When I started trauma therapy, I was told to pick a spirit animal and I decided my spirit animal was the black panther. I named her Jasmine. 🙂
    However, when I started up the Young Adult Connection Group, I had everyone take the spirit animal test to determine what their animal is and I got the butterfly.
    I always identify with butterflies because they are signs of transformation and they are quite beautiful. So now, I imagine my black panther walking beside me with a monarch butterfly on her back.

    You can take the quiz here:

  5. Luz.Feliz says:


    I very much appreciated your post, for you are correct when stating birds do get to sail high above everything that is beautiful in this world, enjoying nature at its best. You took a very different approach when picking the animal you would choose to represent you, but it’s amazing to see your reasoning behind it for it definitely opens up my eyes about how differently each and every single one of us can view life. Whether it is within the human species or among the animal kingdom, everyone has their own point of view, and when I step back and analyze that, to me, that is simply something to be grateful for.

  6. Luz.Feliz says:


    Thank you so much for putting the link of the spirit animal quiz on your response! I was able to take it, and although for some of the questions I was not entirely sure how it would come back around and relate to it calculating my spirit animal it all worked out. The spirit animal I got in the end was a lion. This result definitely fits with me due to the fact that I’ve been fighting to protect myself and survive my entire life, but I would have never thought that a survey or questionnaire would ever pick up on something so deep or internal. Also, I love the idea that you now use the image of a butterfly riding on a black panther’s back, for since you identify as both, you can still be both sort of “opposites”.

  7. torry22 says:

    I really wasn’t sure what I was going to put for what animal best represents me, but I took the Quiz that Val put on here and I got a Bear! I think that is pretty accurate 🙂 It says a bear would inspire and stand up to adversity! This is something I do every day!

  8. Valerie says:

    I’m so glad you both took the test! A lion is a very courageous spirit animal, I can definitely see that in you Luz.
    Torry, my supervisor also got the bear as her spirit animal and I felt it definitely fits both of you. You both have the “mama bear” nurturer personality as well as the strength to stand up for what you think is right.

  9. Luz.Feliz says:


    I definitely agree with you when you say that Torry’s result fits her perfectly! She sure does possess the personality traits of someone who is protective and nurturing. Also, she most definitely has the strength to withstand some of life’s most difficult situations. The bear is a perfect fit for her!

    It is amazing how questions that seem like they do not pertain to our inner beings can truly decipher who we really are as human beings. I can’t wait to see what other people’s results are!


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