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Wanting to Isolate

Hi all! I find that during the winter-time, especially, it’s so easy to lose motivation and want to isolate inside. My question is this– how do you stay motivated to socialize in the winter? How do you avoid isolating??? HELP!

15 Replies to “Wanting to Isolate”

  1. amber says:

    I totally understand. I hate the cold! One way that helps is if I invite people over to do things that I would normally do alone, like watch Netflix and eat popcorn! Since I’d be doing it anyway, it isn’t too much hard to turn it into something a little more social so that I can stay in touch with the world.

  2. Kaitlin says:

    This happens to me EVERY winter. I’ve definitely done the same as Amber, and when I’m up to it invite people to join me doing whatever I was going to do on my own at home anyway. As a small step, I also use the time to reach out to friends I haven’t talked to in a while or friends who live far away to have a chat or FaceTime or Skype. That way I’m still being social but without having to leave home if I’m not feeling up to it.

    I think that a bit of foresight and preparation before the winter can be helpful, too. For example, if you get involved in some groups or activities or some sort of regular social gathering with friends in the warmer months or at any time when you ARE feeling motivated, you might be more likely to stick to that routine even in the winter.

  3. Vered Brandman says:

    I’ve struggled with this too. My boyfriend and I have started getting together with our friends every other Monday for dinner, so if any of us really need to hang out on say Wednesday but nobody’s available that day, we know there’ll be a dinner soon when can hang out.

  4. Laurat says:

    Winters are especially difficult for me actually. Many times its easier to stay inside all day and do nothing but I try and motivate myself to bundle up and go for a jog or a walk outside. If I cant get myself outside sometimes I will craft or paint and invite friends over to bake. But what works for me, might not work for you!

  5. Nana says:

    What an important question! I feel like over-isolation in the winter is an issue that resonates with a lot of people. When I find that I am isolating myself too much in the winters, I have to make a conscious decision to go against my instincts and fight against it. I will either reach out to friends and family who are far away by phone, Facetime or Skype, or I will go to a friend’s house before a big storm so we can hunker down together. I am also lucky enough to practice a sport/martial art (capoeira) year round that provides me with exercise and social interaction. My motivation to improve in the sport helps get me out of the house and interacting with others. Finding a hobby that will get you out an interacting with likeminded people can always help!

  6. mwatt says:

    There’s a difference between isolating and being alone. Sometimes I’m just exhausted by how busy my job is and how many people I talk to every day and I just want some peace and quiet. I liked this article on the positive things that can happen when you’re comfortable being alone. But I get that it has to be for the right reasons.

  7. Tochi says:

    I echo was Nana said. A few years ago, I picked up boxing, and it has saved me on quite a few occasions. For those times where I feel like I can’t be around people but I know it is dangerous for me to just isolate, moving around and doing something that is physically demanding or exhausting has often struck the right balance. I read a lot and I write a lot, and both of those are very solitary pursuits, so it’s easy for me to think that isolation is the healthy way to go, but if I go to long without moving, even if it means going for a walk, I’m primed for disaster.

    Sometimes, I also just fire off random emails to friends or family I haven’t spoken to in a while. We’re not always available to Skype because of our schedules, but it has been an easy way for me to remind myself that there are other folks out there, even if it’s just to tell them what I’m going through.

  8. lkruth says:

    I figure that everyone has to eat! And being a student, most of us would do just about anything for free food. So I’ll make a big pot of chili and invite people over for board games. That way I’m still feeling comfortable and warm but get to catch up with friends.

    That being said, there’s nothing wrong with sometimes bundling up, isolating, and letting yourself feel some self-pity for a bit. As long as you realize when you’ve taken enough time of self-indulgence (for me it’s usually a 3 day maximum) and then make an effort to get back out into the world.

  9. impossibleproject says:

    I really enjoyed that article http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/when-you-start-enjoy-being-alone-these-10-things-will-happen.html

    I think there is a difference between “isolating” and recharging ourselves. Sometimes it’s tough to draw the line. As someone who has always been more of an introvert, I need alone time to process things and to restore my energy. My friends sometimes take it personally and I really wish they didn’t because it doesn’t mean I love them any less. I just need that time to get in touch with my spirit, emotions, and rejuvenate myself. I, too have a busy and stressful job that involves being with people 24/7 and I really value the time I get to spend with my two cats 🙂

    I think there is a good point—3 day max to the time I spend restoring myself– unless it is, of course, vacation!

  10. maria1234 says:

    To tell the truth, I HATE WINTER! But I have a dog so I have to go outside and take her on walks, and why not meet up with some friends to do that?

  11. samdc says:

    Just try to make it a priority and try to “schedule it in”. Reserve a day out of the week or every other week to go out with friends or be in social situations. Look up new coffee places and make a list of some you’d like to try and invite friends to come to each one. You could even try to do something at your house but with friends. Like watching a show with a group of friends at your house every week.

  12. wisdom2015 says:

    I try to reach out to people–even if it’s just in small ways–the moment I find myself thinking about them, so I don’t let the moment pass me by. I try to make commitments that I can look forward, and then keep me.

  13. ewriter2015 says:

    I have always struggled in winter months with depression, lethargy and a general lack of energy. Only in recent years have I been able to beat the winter blues. Firstly, just through acknowledgement, knowing and understanding that this was a time of year where I’m going to feel differently. Taking up snowboarding was a huge step – and continuing my level of physical activity despite the cold – running, hiking etc. Drinking hot tea, getting into an early to bed, early to rise routine, incorporating yoga and meditation daily all help ease me through winter months with more energy. Plan a few events to look forward to, whether its a weekend getaway, a concert, a trip to see a friend that you can anticipate. Try being a “yes” person in the wintertime and accept all the plans that come your way. You’ll be amazed where saying “yes” when you might normally be inclined to a lazy “no thanks” may lead you!

  14. sunshine says:

    Isolating is something that I am very good at, especially during the wintertime when it’s cold out. It’s much easier for me to stay home and do my own thing than it is to actually make an effort to put myself out there and talk to people and socialize. For me, it is very helpful when my friends encourage me to get out and do things. Most of the time I will feel like saying no thanks but I know I have to step outside of my comfort zone and make an effort once in a while to be more social.

  15. ky says:

    In the winter time, I try to stay motivated by keeping in touch with my mom, grandma and friends. I always read inspiring scripture and quotes. Music helps me get motivated. Social media networks help me socialize sometimes. It is difficult to stay motivated to socialize in the winter because of the weather conditions. It’s always tempting to stay to yourself, but then again, you don’t want to separate yourself from others. Everyone should try to look at any upcoming events and try to reach out to others to get up to go somewhere. It should be a balance between staying to yourself and going out to talk to others

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