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Support is beautiful!

Zarifeh said her win “proved that not all Muslims are something to worry about.”

“They don’t see me as a threat,” she said, “they see me as their friend.”

Prom Queen

NY Times article here

This article was everything! It literally put a smile on my face to know that there are strong support systems out there and perhaps more people are opening their minds than we sometimes presume. To know that High school students were able to show so much solidarity and love really has me a bit overwhelmed. Accepting differences and respecting cultures for their unique attributes is something that adults still struggle with so to see young adults getting it so quickly, means a lot. If more people got to know the very people that they “hate” or dislike for reasons that society paints or for reasons that are so minor, we’d be in a lot better space. We def need to see more unity like this. Won’t happen over night but anything worth having is certainly worth fighting for…Congrats Zarifeh!!

4 Replies to “Support is beautiful!”

  1. Jamie0715 says:

    people need to respect each other for their cultures knowing that we are all different and have amazing things to how. Like Im from Puerto Rico and we have all kinds of fruits like cenepas and mangos and the tees over there are different they have palm trees an have different bugs it is awesome to learn about other cultues.

  2. Kevin A. says:

    What are cenepas Jamie? All that tropical stuff lol.

    Thats so true, respect is important, ignorance is a menace.

  3. Sara says:

    This story is amazing. It is always incredible when people choose to put their assumptions and stereotypical judgments aside. We are all human, no matter what our culture is. And whatever that culture might be, to respect where we have all come from. Congrats Zarifeh!

  4. Jamie0715 says:

    is a fruit from Puerto Rico that you suck on and at the end is a seed their like mango, grapes their really good.

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