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Socialized Sneezing

Its around that time when you probably realize that a lot of people are getting flu shots to prepare against the seasonal flu. Great idea!
…And you might realize that a lot of people are sneezing… it might be allergies (or maybe not).
Anyways sneezing is a common thing whether or not someone has a flue, so lets not assume. Btw, its a good thing in most if not all cultures.
I was talking to a co-worker about sneezing.
She sneezed and I said,
“bless you.”

She replied,

“Thank you, you are so sweet!”

Feeling guilty, I replied,

“I am still practicing, its not a common thing for me.”

She replied with surprise,


I answered,

“In Jamaica, when someone sneezes, they (the “sneezer”) says sorry.”

She laughed hysterically.

It perfectly depicts a cultural shock… I laughed too because obviously it is funny. Interestingly, different cultures respond to sneezing differently. Its a fact.

In Japan, while the “sneezer” says sorry (translation), the other person is expected to reply, “take care of yourself.”

The response is translated “to your wishes” in France and “the weather will be nice tomorrow” in the Netherlands.

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