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Siblings Are Special Too

#AutismAwarenessMonth is upon us ! Kudos to everyone spreading awareness and rocking their ribbons! I have an Autistic cousin. I’ve watched him since he was a newborn, so I can certainly say that I’ve been a part of his upbringing. We read him books, kept him entertained.. listened to all of the suggestions but when he was placed in a school and with a group of teachers that can give him more attention, we noticed how he has improved. He is finally speaking and reacting differently to things. He is slowly but surely making progress. When his sister was born, we thought that she would be autistic as well. However, that was not the case. As both of them grow, their mother and I have noticed how he and his sister interact. He is about 8 years old and his younger sister is 4 going on 25 lol I was hanging out with them the other night and saw how they interact. She loves him unconditionally and calls him her bestfriend, its so cute. So the other night, she tells him that she loves him and he doesnt say it back so she comes to my room upset, explaining what she had done. Her mother reminded her that Phil doesnt speak that well and she says, “oh yeah, I forgot. It’s ok, i know he loves me inside of his heart.”

There was just something in that … it just spoke to me. Being the sibling of someone with autism can be a difficult thing if one doesnt understand it. This article was on facebook the other day and I found it really interesting. Siblings are just as special as their autistic siblings. It takes a special person to go through these type of experiences as if they were there own. Love is love, and autistic love is just more “specialer.” (little girl in the article described her brother as specialer and said she wouldnt change him at all)


2 Replies to “Siblings Are Special Too”

  1. VRuiz says:

    Loved this article! I think it does take a special kind of person to go through something with another person, sibling or not, and endure it as if it were your own. Siblings will always be special people, there is a certain bond that can never be broken.

    Thanks for touching my heart, this was great! Makes me want to hug my brother.

  2. RaiC says:

    “My brother and I were both adopted by our parents, and he struggled with ADHD and other issues while he was young and my parents often had to devote all of their attention to him to keep him on the right track. Since I was unaware of his condition I felt that my parents preferred, or loved, him more than me.” – N.B

    A new story was posted and as soon as I read this part I felt so connected. I know so many people who feel the same way about their autistic siblings. I think that it’s extremely hard to take the backseat to a situation when you don’t understand it. It can look like everyone only cares about someone else but that’s furthest from the truth. it takes a lot to understand the importance of showing and giving tons of love and support for individuals living with a mental condition. Everyone needs it and it’s so important that we reach out and communicate.

    Check out N.B’s story and how he overcame his struggles. Really enjoyed reading it & im so happy that he’s able to laugh and enjoy his family members.


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