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New relationships

So I just started talking to someone that I’m starting to really like. It’s weird because I doubted that someone like he would be interested in me. Now new relationships are good and exciting. But this one has some circumstances that would come into play. We are both in recovery and obviously that comes first. But people are being annoying about how you have to be careful because one might relapse and everything. And I get that and everything. I just wish that it could be like I like someone and there doesn’t have to be all this baggage I have to worry about. But maybe that’s part of the reason I like him, because he gets it. Idkkk relationships in sobriety are different and new and nerve wracking but I’m excited to see how this all turns out. Anyone relate?

2 Replies to “New relationships”

  1. VRuiz says:

    New relationships, whether you both are in recovery/sobriety or not, are awesome and amazing.
    Two people coming together and getting to know one another is so special and has the potential to be everlasting. Im such a hopeless romantic.

    First off, congrats! Finding someone that captivates you at this time in our lives is so rare i feel. Everyone is so consumed with “figuring themselves out” that they don’t really bother to get to a point where they can be in a relationship. I think you both being in recovery is just like if two people in a relationship both had children or both are committed to a sports team. To me, its just something that you both have in common and have to prioritize. Just makes you two that much closer and relatable. Sure you have to be careful, but thats in any relationship right? Just have to be mindful. I def can relate. Im dating someone now, who Ive actually dated in the past and we decided to try again. Its been 5 years later. People are annoying us… saying the typical, if it didn’t work before, it won’t work now, but you know, things change and we never ended on a bad note. never had bad blood. Just have to priortie a lot better and make sense of who we are and what we want a lot better. Im sure you get it lol

  2. Sara says:

    Ahh the excitement of a new relationship can be great! I get where you are come from Sam. I think it’s soo important to enjoy yourself and just live. And at the same time just checking in with yourself and remembering that you do have to make that extra effort to make sure you are making healthy decisions for yourself. Be open and talk about it, the worst thing you can do is get stuck in your head!

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