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NCAA March madness

Bruh!!! For you basketball fans out there or for the folks who haven’t been able to ignore it since it is college basketball season still, things have really just heated up. I’ve been a sports fan for my entire life but college ball stole my heart in high school.. then going to the NCAA powerhouse (UCONN) really stepped my interest up. I started to interact with it more and a lot of my friends played/play so I was really invested. This year’s NCAA D1 tournament was one for the books. Not only did some of the big names not make it this year, a lot of them got knocked out just as soon as they got in. Unlikely teams bombarded the tournament and ruined everyone’s bracket (predicted outcomes from the games in a table). Granted, nothing is ever promised in the tournament and it’s up in the air as to who will come out on top… but this year really came by surprise. These young men balled out and I’m super impressed at the talent and athleticism. Shoutout to Oregon for knocking out UCLA and for UNC taking out Kentucky… that was one hell of a game. Luke Maye, you are forever remembered. That last second shot just sealed the deal… welcome to the final four! I am super excited to watch the next few games. This will be the first year that I haven’t been at a live game but whatever… I’m just happy to have witnessed some history. Final Four is upon us: South Carolina vs Gonzaga & UNC vs Oregon!! I’m thinking UNC is taking it back to Chapel Hill this year.. but you never know. May the best team win!

5 Replies to “NCAA March madness”

  1. livhanna says:

    Wow! Very true. I watched the Final Game with UNC vs Gonzaga last night and, regardless of the game not being as exciting and good as it has before, I was happy for UNC. Part of me wanted Gonzaga to win since they have never won before and they have played so well for the past few seasons! But good for UNC to return to the Final from last year and actually cut the net this time. Also, to bring up the women NCAA champions, Mississippi State really made their presence known by beating the girls UCONN team which I think has had a 100 and something winning streak!! But then Mississippi State suffered the curse and lost to South Carolina in the Final Championship game. I think the girls team should have much more coverage and interest because it is obvious that women also have exciting upsets and are extremely talented. I would love to see the womens NCAA D1 tournament start to build up and have as much hype as the mens does in future years!!

  2. torry22 says:

    Rai, I won my bracket and I was in the pool with 30 other people!! I had NC and Gonzaga in the final and NC wining it all!

    SO happy! Haha

  3. RaiC says:

    I said the same thing Liv! Although I bleed blue (I am a Husky for life), it was nice to see another women’s team take it far… i was super impressed but as usual, there wasn’t nearly as much coverage as there should have been. There was a bit more than usual, considering they made the biggest upset of the year by beating UConn in the final four but I’ve seen nonstop coverage about less exciting things about the NCAA men’s team get played on tv, reposted on social media and talked about everywhere I go. I think it’s a matter of time. This conversation has been coming up so often! There’s like no incentive for women athletes to move forward to the professional level anymore… i remember back in the day, some of the women in the WNBA still had to work a part time job to make ends meet. It’s so sad!

  4. RaiC says:

    Ayeeee, go Torry! That’s super lit! I def didn’t predict that Gonzaga would have made it that far! You have a good eye for sports, you may wanna look into that! lol

  5. torry22 says:

    I agree about Girl’s basketball. I love UConn and have been cheering them on, but it was nice to see someone compete against them this time! I wish that the Girl’s got more credit though because Mississippi did the unthinkable and beat UConn!! All you hear about is this guy’s.

    Thanks! I grew up in a family who LOVES sports.. football and basketball the most. So any thought or talk about those two sports and I can join the convo! Haha. I love spots and have fun this time a year and during the Football season. #goSTEELERS

    It was a great March Madness season, let’s see who can do it next year!!

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