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Merry Christmas!!!

•“Sometimes the holidays only seem to remind us of what we have lost. But you will never lose the love and caring of those who know you and want the best for you.”

Hope this holiday brings you all a lot of joy regardless of your circumstances. Enjoy the rest of the season and Merry Christmas y’all!!!

2 Replies to “Merry Christmas!!!”

  1. RaiC says:

    Thanks for the holiday spirit! It feels even more holidayish this year since both Hannukah & Christmas overlap. Happy Hannukah to those who celebrate! I know it starts today and a few of my friends have been prepping. I remember being in middle school and learning so much about the holiday and celebrating it with my neighbors.

    For those of you who do not necessarily celebrate the holidays, I hope that these next few days are wonderful and filled with joy and happiness. Pick up your favorite book or do that thing that was on your bucket list.. make some plans. Celebrate yourself <3, that always a great thing to do.

    I have some last minute things to do so wish me luck. Enjoy your day everyone.

  2. Kevin A. says:

    Merry Christmas Rai! And Merry Christmas to everyone reading this. TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Have an amazing day everyone! 🙂

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